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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Plumber Houston, TX offers professional, prompt service and replacement for all sewer lines, gas lines, water heaters, leaks, clogs, and all major-brand domestic and foreign fixtures. You name it, we do it.

Our “Warehouse on Wheels™” can save you up to 90% on all plumbing items (except certain specialty items) on the spot, saving you both time and money.

Our customer service representatives are also available to answer all your plumbing questions 24/7 by phone, and schedule your appointment when you need it.

And you won’t have to waste time waiting for us to arrive. We always call before we come out, saving you precious time and headaches.

Plumber Houston TX also offers preventative Drain Maintenance, featuring our Bio-Ben process, an eco-friendly, active digester which eats grease and proteins in your drains and keeps them running clean for months to come.

Testimonials Testimonials
"I called Benjamin Franklin with numerous plumbing problems. The plumber came at exactly the time promised. He performed a thorough examination of all my sinks and drains and quickly performed the repairs where needed. He even suggest ways I can save money. The cost of all the work came in under than what I was expecting. I would definitely recommend Benjamin Franklin"

"Their office is quite far from our block but the plumber they've said. He had a very complete set of tools and was very knowledgeable and thorough. I was so impressed with their service. I am one of their regular customers now."

"As a satisfied customer, I'd like to compliment you and your staff on their professionalism. Great job, great equipment and great people! I should know plumbing and construction professionals, I have over 33 years experience in construction"
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